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Television blogger, scriptwriter, and genre fiction writer working to increase diversity and improve representation of minorities on and in television and young adult literature.

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Janethevirgin 102 chaptertwo cw stereo a2ab5854 cwtv 720x400 article

Jane the Virgin: Chapter Two

Chekov's Marlin, Rogelio is Joey from Friends, now I really want a milkshake.

Jtv 15 gina trla 101314 a5bf1cbdb cwtv 720x400 article

Jane the Virgin: Chapter One

I begin reviewing one of Fall's biggest surprise hits: filled with diversity, humor, and telenovela charm.

Cw new art the flash izombie more 01 article

ConStar’s Pilot Watch: Jane the Virgin | ConStarWrites.TV

ConStar’s Pilot Watch: Jane the Virgin | ConStarWri...

215430 article

ConStar’s Pilot Watch: The Flash | ConStarWrites.TV

ConStar’s Pilot Watch: The Flash | ConStarWrites.TV...

Paley profile pic article

PaleyFest Previews | ConStarWrites.TV

PaleyFest Previews | ConStarWrites.TV

Fall tv premieres 2014r9 article

Fall TV 2014: How Packed is Your Primetime Schedule? | ConStarWrites.TV

Fall TV 2014: How Packed is Your Primetime Schedule...

Constar’s Pilot Watch: Gotham | ConStarWrites.TV

Constar’s Pilot Watch: Gotham | ConStarWrites.TV

Stock footage keep watching for a scary face that appears on the tv it could be in some form of pain article

Episode 2: A Second Chance at a First Impression

As Fall TV pilots air and verdicts come in from critics and audiences alike, I've been thinking a lot this year about how pilots are different from episode 2. Pilots are written usually by one pers......

Cropped cswritestv logo banner article

Blog Rebrand!

Hey you, fellow TV junkie! Now that the Fall 2014 TV season is approaching, I'm looking to do more with my blog and my tv writing career in general. I decided one way to foster that was to change t......

43ceef324caaca854e689171f83f2885 article

Link: More Diversity in Prime Time: It’s Not Your Imagination - The Root

More Diversity in Prime Time: It’s Not Your Imagination - The Root This article mostly talk about black-ish in the aftermath of it's premiere yesterday, but it also spotlights Jane the Virgin, whic......

3dc2d33910591d9ed30442431370 article

ConStar's Pilot Watch: Gracepoint

I liked the Gracepoint pilot, but then again, I liked the Broadchurch pilot (they're almost scene for scene the same), but am I in the mood for a serial mystery right now? Not sure. Feel free to co......

Meredith and derek have a show down 1 article

ConStar Studies Elevators and Shonda Rhimes

Watching the latest episode of Scandal, I noticed that Shonda Rhimes has a pattern placing her romantic leads (her usually adulterous romantic leads) in the world's slowest moving elevator and cran......

Black girls tv banner 15 article

Response: Why the Presence of Black Women in Media is Important for Everyone via The Conversation

Ramou Sarr wrote this article, which I found via justwriteray, which speaks about the importance for representations of black women on television. She bring up some really great points about the ne......

Castle driven article

Castle 7.01 Review: "Driven"

Castle 7.01 Review: "Driven" When the news broke this summer that Andrew Marlowe was stepping down as Castle showrunner, I can’t say that I was actually all that nervous. David Amann was already a ......

Annie movie pictures 2014 article

I Was Quoted in Bitch Magazine on the New "Annie" Movie

A while back, I wrote this article on Annie for Black Girl Nerds (still super proud of it's title), then Emily Hashimoto of Bitch Magazine asked for more of my thoughts on having a black girl lead ......